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  • Our history

    The Franconian family business ‘Hörrlein Feinkost International GmbH’ was established in 1923 by the family named Hörrlein in Adelsdorf in the region of ‘Höchstadt an der Aisch‘.

    From early on did the ancestors of today's owners create a healthy way of life. Therefore, the dispense of artificial fertilizers, herbicides, as well as pesticides was necessary. The selection of healthy and unaffected seeds and the personal rearing of young plants was the concern of the family all year round. The forests, meadows and fields were the food point.

    And when the harvest time had come, the great-grandfather of today's owner generation did not simply sell the harvest to the merchants of the time, but he tried to preserve the precious goods. Salting, drying, boiling and sweetening were and are the original methods of preserving without preservatives. Freezing came much later as another possibility.

  • Manufacture

    konserven-manufakturIn that way the first "canning manufacture" was established in the small community of Adelsdorf.

    Even back in the fifties and sixties of the last century was it Adelsdorf that supplied not only to Franconia and Bavaria, but the whole of Germany and other countries in Europe and overseas. The healthy and tasty products began to spread.

    But one thing has always been important: healthy and sustainable cultivation, processing under healthy and human conditions and distribution to the consumers, who understand our philosophy to their benefit and enjoyment.




  • Three things

    There are three things that drive and motivate us every day to develop and produce new and good products:
    To enable the farmer to be satisfied and to work while preserving his resources.
    To offer our employees and our owners a meaningful and satisfying working life.
    To provide our customers and consumers healthy and uplifting taste experiences.

    Again and again it is about the number three: like the three sparrows.






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Organic Finefood

Fine organic food from our organic garden.

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